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Why add a Spoiler to Your Car? 


A major car spoiler purpose is to increase traction at speed because at around 70mph air pressure begins to lift the average car, making manoeuvring more difficult. Rear spoilers in particular ‘push’ the car back down so tyres hold the road better and the vehicle is more stable. 


A car spoiler design that increases the downward force on the rear of the car will increase traction and improve braking ability, this gives drivers better braking power even at high speed, making their car safer in difficult circumstances. 


Another car spoiler type, the front spoiler, can increase mpg in certain vehicles. This is because this kind of spoiler reduces drag rather than increasing it. By changing the way the air moves around the car body, it lowers the energy needed to propel the car forward, so fuel consumption drops. 


Spoilers just make a car look cooler! Since Porsche introduces the 911 Turbo with whale tail spoilers on the rear, many sports cars feature spoilers. But most cars can now benefit from a spoiler and we have the perfect range of high quality spoilers for your car. 
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